How to Choose the Best Cross Trainer Shoes

Published: 19th August 2010
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How to Choose the Best Cross Trainer Shoes

Selecting a pair of cross-trainer shoes is a bit more complicated than your average footwear hunt. Not only should you take into account the type of sport you plan to engage in while wearing the shoes, but how they fit your feet and the athletic style. Special features add another aspect to consider when choosing the best cross trainers.



Ask an expert such as a doctor or personal trainer to observe your feet as you walk and run. He should be able to tell you whether you are overpronate (if you have flat or fallen arches of the feet) or underpronate (usually with high arches and stiffer feet). This information can help you find the right cross trainer.


Think about the sports and activities you participate in and log onto the Web to read up on which cross trainers provide the best support for those activities.


Go shoe shopping, and take the sport socks you plan to wear with your new cross trainers to get a more accurate fit.


Try on different cross trainers to make sure your heels fit snugly in the back of the shoe and the ball of the foot fits in the wide part of the shoe with some breathing room. Also make sure there's some space between the front of the shoe and the tips of your toes.


Find a style that fits well and that you'll feel comfortable wearing frequently with your athletic gear.

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